Denise Thomas Therapy - PRICE LIST
Denise Thomas Therapy  - Sports Therapist : Sports & Remedial Therapist : Holistic Therap
PRICE LIST: Same day fees apply!

£45 for 30 minute ultrasound and taping session for acute injuries.

£70 for 1 hour advanced massage therapy.  

£80 for massage and acupuncture combination. 
A therapeutic session incorporating dry needling (not TCM), in combination with massage and vibration as needed; promoting both healing and pain reduction while being especially helpful for chronic areas of pain, from overuse and trauma, arthritis and all variants of back pain.
I can also incorporate ice massage and/or ultrasound into this session if i feel it will help you. 

 £130.00 = 2 Hour BmM mixed therapy session, individualised - RECOMMENDED!
An advanced remedial sports massage therapy session combining techniques from the Bodymaster Method, Sports Therapy and Holistic Therapies, adapted to your own specific needs. Dry work through the towel may also be used along with mechanical massage, or needles. 

Suitable for all and very good for age related chronic aches and pains, recurring injuries, or a body that has played hard, worked hard, been damaged, and one that requires optimal body synergy and suppleness. 

  • If you choose to pay by BACS, payment is required to be cleared in advance of your treatment or a late payment fee may be added.  Patients must be 16 and over, or accompanied by an adult.  Failure to turn up for your booking will incur a charge unless 24 hours notice has been given.  

  • Most sessions are typically 50 minutes, allowing time to undress at the start and finish of each treatment. Therefore, it is important to arrive on time as treatments still finish on time for the next client.  All appointments include consultation and feedback from previous treatment.