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Denise Thomas and John Gibbons in China, lecturing at The Hong Kong Institute of SportDenise Thomas is a registered Sports Therapist and Sports Massage Therapist with The Society of Sports Therapists and The Society of Health, Fitness and Sports Therapists.  Having already qualified as a Holistic Therapist many years previously, she is recognised and insured at Fellow Status in all areas of expertise with the Federation of Holistic Therapists, and belongs to various health care councils under the professional umbrella of FHT. CNHC registered.
Denise qualified as a Massage Therapist in 2001, having already studied as a Nutritional Advisor and then continued her studies in Holistic Therapies, Advanced Massage, Sports Massage Therapy, Sports Therapy, Pathology, Acupuncture Techniques for Sports Therapists, before undergoing further training in Advanced Therapy Techniques encompassing variants often used in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, to become a Bodymaster Method Practitioner, in 2014. More recently 2018, she has completed and been awarded the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine.

She started working as a colleague in the renowned Peak Sporting Performance Clinic at Oxford University Sports Ground in 2008 where she remained for many years gaining valuable clinical experience assessing, treating and rehabilitating many variants of athletic injuries from the 80+ Sports Clubs and Teams that have access to the clinic, along with a diverse cross section of the general public. She now continues her work extensively in private practice in Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire. 

Previous experience in domiciliary and residential care with the elderly, both adults and children with learning difficulties, epilepsy, paraplegia, part of a therapy care team in F1 (albeit part-time) for four years, along with a portfolio of qualifications and mandatory CPD, Utube videos, and demonstrating exercise and dysfunction in 5 books to date; she really is the ideal person to help with a diverse range of injuries, aches, pains and health care concerns. 

CLINICAL SPORTS EXPERIENCE: Denise has worked with client's competing successfully in various sporting disciplines, many internationally (some GB) in the following disciplines: Rowing, Triathlon, Pentathlon, Marathon, Iron Man, Athletics, Hockey, Tennis, Real Tennis, Golf, Football,Rugby, Boxing, Ice-skating, Skiing, Slalom Water Skiing, Swimming, Cycling,  Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Club Running, Dancesport, Martial Arts, Body Building, Power Lifting, Ballet, and Motor Sport: Motor Cycles, Quad Racing, Stock car, P1, P2, Le Mans series, World Renault series, Touring Car and F1.
Oxford Blues pre The boat Race
She has been written about in a therapy context in National papers and magazines, with TV appearances and live radio interview with reference to Eastern v Western medicine/ reflexology. Denise Thomas continues to support John Gibbons in his quest to make learning a difficult subject, a little easier to understand around the World.

Right photo: Denise with the Oxford Blues before the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race.
NOTE:You don't have to be a sporty individual to see me; pain and injury is the same for us all.  Indeed the non sporty low activity individual may need more help and take longer to repair.